How Much are tire changes?

Tire swaps range anywhere from $40-$110 Per Tire depending on the complexity of the removal and installation of each make and model bike.

What are the service rates?

Our rate is charged per hour and vary’s greatly depending on the complexity and expertise required for any particular service. 

Tire Prices/- Match Tire Prices?

Yes we do!  Bring a valid form of proof of pricing when you come to purchase your tires from us!  

Time- how long does _____ service take?

Turnaround times always depend on current shop workload and your position in the que (First come, first serve).  HOWEVER, Many NON-MAJOR Services can and are Performed SAME DAY, Sometimes Even Without an Appointment!  Contact Us for today’s availability.

Will you service this type of bike (usually older models)?

Basically, Yes!  While we do have a ‘No Fly’ List that we update regularly for particular situations we cannot facilitate, we are one of the few shops in the county that can actually work on bikes 10+ years old, including vintage and custom bikes!