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Power and Comfort With Plenty of Storage

This motorcycle features an 1854cc Air-Cooled, Long-Stroke, V-Twin Power Plant that produces massive torque and class leading acceleration.  It also touts a long, low aluminum frame for light, effective handling while touring through the twisty's or eating up miles on the highway.  The sculpted seat is engineered for long rides, and the hard, locking saddlebags have plenty of storage space.


Performance and Handling

Pushrod valve actuation keeps the engine height down for a lower center of gravity and ensures more uniform heat dissipation due to absence of a cam chain case.  The air-cooled, Fuel Injected power plant responds well to the throttle while maintaining maximum efficiency on short and long rides.

Style and Function

Stratoliners feature chrome switchgear, front brake and clutch master cylinders and levers, belt guard, rear fender stay and polished wheels.